Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
00552 CMGDO 024 (UDEMY) Chris Anderson on Public Speaking (udemy) Self-paced Self-paced
00562 WOMER 053 (BDIS) Christian Meditation Practices for Lent (Be A Disciple) TBD
00554 ADMAL 009 (MSCS) Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing (MasterClass) Self-paced Self-paced
00327 ADMIN 018 (CFRS) Church Payroll Reporting for 2016 (Clergy Financial Resources) Various Various
00518 MULDT 007 (ITVM) Church Websites (Institute for Vital Ministry) On-Demand On-Demand
00254 SOJUS 022 (PCUSA) Churches and Camps: Food Growing & Greening Initiatives (Presbyterian Church USA) On Demand On Demand
00330 ADMIN 021 (CFRS) Churches and Religious Organizations (U.S. Internal Revenue Service) On Demand On Demand
00503 SPRTY 043 (PRSOL) Classical Lectio Divina as a Spiritual Practice for Advent (Presbyterian Outlook) On Demand On Demand
00270 SOJUS 038 (FTI) Clergy Ethics in Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian Communities (Faith Trust Institute) On Demand On Demand
00583 CCGCS 001 (MCC) Clergy Renewal/Sabbatical Webinar (Metropolitan Community Churches) On-Demand On-Demand
00329 ADMIN 020 (CFRS) Clergy Tax Law Short-Course (Clergy Financial Resources) Various Various
00668 ADMIN 061 (UMC) Clergy Taxes: Don’t Live in Fear! (United Methodist Church) On Demand On Demand
00428 WOMER 045 (PRC) Close Encounters of the Worshipful Kind: Ways to E-value-ate Your Worship (Practical Resources for Churches) On-Demand On-Demand
00602 PEARS 004 (CEDIN) Compassion: Reflection and Practice (Charter for Compassion Education Institute) 06/21/2017 - 06/21/2018 Self-paced and monthly webinars
00689 EDULE 025 (PRC) Confirmation in the 21st Century (Practical Resources for Churches) On Demand On Demand
00031 CMGDO 004 (MCC) Conflict: A Good Thing! (Metropolitan Community Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00431 PEARS 003 (CPR) Conflict: How to Turn the Inevitable into an Opportunity (Center for Progressive Renewal) On Demand On Demand
00351 SOJUS 046 (ELCA) Confronting Racism: A Holy Yearning (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) On Demand On Demand
00349 CMGDO 017 (UMC) Courageous Conversations - Role of Facilitator and Practical Tips (United Methodist Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00287 EDULE 014 (UUA) Creating a Safe Religious Education Program (Unitarian Universalist Association) On Demand On Demand
00275 SOJUS 043 (FTI) Creating a Social Media Policy: An Important Safety Tool for Your Congregation (Faith Trust Institute) On Demand On Demand
00093 SOJUS 002 (CHN) Creating Common Good 1: Economic Inequality with Bp. Julio Murray (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00094 SOJUS 003 (CHN) Creating Common Good 2: Christian Responsibility with Rachel Held Evans (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00095 SOJUS 004 (CHN) Creating Common Good 3: Educational Inequality with Nicole Baker Fulgham (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00096 SOJUS 005 (CHN) Creating Common Good 4: A Christian Response with Justin Welby (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00032 CCGSC 002 (MCC) Creating Safe Sanctuaries (Metropolitan Community Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00106 WOMER 003 (SPAP) Creating Sanctuary for Ourselves and Others (Spirituality and Practice) On-Demand On-Demand
00633 FEWOS 012 (GRSAF) Creating Spaces for Girls in Your Community (Girls Action Foundation) On Demand On Demand
00172 SOJUS 008 (UUA) Creating Welcoming Multicultural UU Communities (Unitarian Universalist Association) On-Demand On-Demand
00250 SOJUS 018 (PCUSA) Creation Care: Basic Bible 101 (Presbyterian Church USA) On Demand On Demand
00165 WOMER 010 (MCC) Creative Worship Planning with Dr. Marcia McFee (Metropolitan Community Churches) On Demand On Demand
00051 CMGDO 005 (CHN) Crisis Communications with Meredith Gould (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00692 ADMIN 063 (MCC) Dealing Effectively with Antagonists in Your Church (Metropolitan Community Churches) On Demand On Demand
00393 FUNDS 009 (TEC) Debt: What it is, its impact, & what to do with it (The Episcopal Church) On Demand On Demand
00653 THAPH 034 (MCC) Deuteropaulinas e a cristandade emergente (Português) (Metropolitan Community Churches) 06/18/2018 - 08/31/2018
00279 EDULE 007 (UUA) Developing a Healthy Religious Education Committee (Unitarian Universalist Association) On Demand On Demand
00539 FUNDS 012 (UMC) Developing a Narrative Budget (United Methodist Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00634 NHPIS 001 (GRSAF) Developing an Indigenous Policymaking Model to Address First Nations Health and Education Disparities (Girls Action Foundation) On Demand On Demand
00056 SPRTY 003 (CHN) Developing Christian Patience with Jeff Bullock (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00033 ADMIN 003 (MCC) Developing Your Leadership Styles (Metropolitan Community Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00619 MULDT 012 (ABRNS) Digital Security 101 (Auburn Seminary) On Demand On Demand
00663 SOJUS 067 (MCC) Direitos Humanos: um compromisso de fé (Português) (Metropolitan Community Churches) 10/01/2018 - 12/07/2018
00620 SOJUS 066 (ABRNS) Dismantling White Supremacy (Auburn Seminary) On Demand On Demand
00615 DIABS 005 (ACPE) Do You Really See Me?: Pastoral Care and Disabled People SERIES (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education) On Demand On Demand
00557 ADMAL 012 (MSCS) Dustin Hoffman Teaches Acting (MasterClass) Self-paced Self-paced
00255 SOJUS 023 (PCUSA) Earth Care in Christian Education (Presbyterian Church USA) On Demand On Demand
00660 FEWOS 013 (MCC) Eclesiología feminista (Español) (Metropolitan Community Churches) 10/01/2018 - 12/07/2018
00658 EDULE 023 (MCC) Educación Cristiana (Español) (Metropolitan Community Churches) 10/01/2018 - 12/07/2018
00625 FEWOS 007 (WILPF) El Feminismo Pacifista, una Tradición de Constructoras de Paz. El Caso de Colombia (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) On Demand On Demand
00223 RELST 010 (UDEMY) El Islam: Una Religión de Paz (udemy) On-Demand On-Demand