Church Renewal 1.0: How Our Church Came Back from the Dead and Yours Can Too (Center for Progressive Renewal)

This online religious course will cover the strategies Rev. Molly Baskette used in her church—their success is highly visible in the large percentage of children and young adults in the church, a sixfold increase in pledged giving in the last decade, and most importantly in the spirit of joy that pervades the community. The hints, tips, and learnings can work in any church, in any setting: regardless of denomination, demographics, or political landscape.

Together, we’ll take a critical look at outreach and growth strategies, finances and giving, creative worship including the central place of personal testimony and corporate prayer practices, church conflict and change, anxiety and laughter, and much more–all treated with a healthy dose of humor and offering real, practical, immediate steps for getting started. By the end of the course, your anxiety will be lower, your courage greater, and you will have a clear sense of the next right thing to do so that God can get your community unstuck.

Learning Themes:

Module 1: The Second Journey: Anxiety, Allies and Orientation
Module 2: Physical Space: What You Can Do with a Few People and a Bad Building
Module 3: Conflict and Change: Sacred Cows and Golden Calves
Module 4: Real Good Church: Worship is Everything
Module 5: Sticking Points, Anxiety Dump, and Making Plans

Recommended Background:

This online course is designed for both lay people and clergy, as well as for individuals or congregational teams who are interested in revitalizing their church’s ministry.

Course Format:

The beauty of this course is that it is designed so that you and your team can move through the material at the pace and time that works best for you. The staff will have opportunities for you to connect with them at different points during the entire span class.

The course utilizes our online classroom combining live meetings, recorded lectures, reading, student discussion, interaction with the teaching team, and a final project.

Important Dates:

The course will open on Wednesday Feb 15, 2017. There will be three live sessions to interact and discuss the material with Rev Baskette.

Course Textbooks:

Please obtain a copy of the following text before the course:

Molly Baskette, Real Good Church: How Our Church Came Back From the Dead, and Yours Can, Too.

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