Could the “M” in MCC stand for Millenial? (Metropolitan Community Churches)

Could the “M” in MCC stand for Millenial?: Discussion and Q&A, facilitated by Brent Stanfield

live-webinar-mcc-millennialsJoin us for an interactive discussion on how MCC churches can better address the contexts and needs specific to youth & young adults (age 12-17 & 18-35, respectively). This session will begin with a short intro by the facilitator: Brent Stanfield, age 24, on the findings of their experiences and research on the resources for queer youth inside & outside of MCC. They identify as a Millenial and have recently completed a volunteer internship working with queer youth, as well as a directed study on Queer Youth & The Church. Let’s brainstorm strategies resource sharing and community involvement for your MCC church/congregation that focus on youth & young adults and also avoid adultism. Youth and Young Adults are encouraged to attend and have y/our voices heard.

Join us on March 9th at 2:00 pm Eastern Time (7:00 pm UTC/GMT).

Click this link to join the discussion:

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