Lent Course 2016 (Churches Together)

The notion of ‘Pilgrimage’ is presented in the form of collections of sayings, images, wisdom and prayers from a variety of sources, which are gathered into a pack of seven conversation booklets suitable for personal and group use. Each member of a group will need their own copy of the pack, which will be used as a personal journal.

Designed and produced by Shoreline Conversations on behalf of CTBI, these booklets take up the theme of pilgrimage in a way that is resonant and accessible both to those familiar with pilgrim journeys and also those who simply wish to explore it as a metaphor for our spiritual journey through life.

Lent 2016 conversation pack

Source: Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

The conversation pack is available to view online although you may find it more convenient to purchase the printed version for use in groups.

The Seven Pilgrimage Themes are:

Week 1: The Open Road

The hope, longing, purpose or invitation that motivates us to leave our normal environment or present perspective; seeking spiritual sustenance as we begin an intentional spiritual journey.

Week 2: Taking and Leaving

The need to travel lightly and the process of becoming unencumbered. Making choices about what is essential and what is peripheral to the undertaking.

Week 3: Becoming Present

Cultivating a certain availability and openness; allowing experiences and environments to speak to us; a quality of being, self-discipline and attentiveness to what is within and without.

Week 4: Alone and Together

Our need for companionship on our journey to God, beginning to trust those who do not share our own perspectives; reflecting on the experience of many people on the move today, fleeing war and persecution in search of a better life.

Week 5: Living with Uncertainty

Between here and there; living with paradox and uncertainty; questioning the journey yet keeping faith; emerging dimensions prompted by unexpected events, people and places.

Week 6: Sacred Encounter (Holy Week)

Reaching our chosen destination; encountering the Sacred in silence and suffering; changing expectations and the invitation to change and renew.

Week 7: Pilgrim Living (post-Easter)

Returning home and its implications; what we are learning, how we are changed by the journey, things we are motivated to do that are different than before because of the experience.

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