Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
00028 CMGDO 002 (MCC) Becoming an Effective Public Speaker (Metropolitan Community Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00029 CMGDO 003 (MCC) Becoming Conflict Wise (Metropolitan Community Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00552 CMGDO 024 (UDEMY) Chris Anderson on Public Speaking (udemy) Self-paced Self-paced
00430 CMGDO 018 (CPR) Church Renewal 1.0: How Our Church Came Back from the Dead and Yours Can Too (Center for Progressive Renewal) 02/17/2017 - 04/09/2017
00031 CMGDO 004 (MCC) Conflict: A Good Thing! (Metropolitan Community Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00431 PEARS 003 (CPR) Conflict: How to Turn the Inevitable into an Opportunity (Center for Progressive Renewal) On Demand On Demand
00349 CMGDO 017 (UMC) Courageous Conversations - Role of Facilitator and Practical Tips (United Methodist Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00051 CMGDO 005 (CHN) Crisis Communications with Meredith Gould (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00460 MULDT 005 (UCCA) Enhance Your Digital Ministry (United Church of Canada) On-Demand On-Demand
00451 MKOTM 011 (UCCA) Evangelism in a New Light (United Church of Canada) On-Demand On-Demand
00643 PEARS 008 (CHN) Faithful Dissent: Loving Our Way into a Brighter Tomorrow (ChurchNext) Self-paced Self-paced
00589 CMGDO 025 (UMCGN) Fake News, Facts, and Alternative Facts (University of Michigan) 04/21/2017 .
00057 CCGSC 005 (CHN) Finding God in Divorce with Carolyne Call (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00445 ADMIN 042 (UCCA) Fishing Tips (United Church of Canada) On-Demand On-Demand
00588 SOJUS 062 (WURC) Food Security and Sustainability - Series (Wageningen University and Research Centre) Self paced Self paced
00581 RELAS 022 (PSOR) For the Bible Tells Me So? An Introduction to Christian Ethics (Pacific School of Religion) 03/14/2017 - 03/21/2017 5:30 – 8:00pm PST
00457 CMGDO 019 (UCCA) Four Conversations of a Leader (United Church of Canada) On-Demand On-Demand
00470 CMGDO 022 (UCCA) Getting Small Groups Right (United Church of Canada) On Demand On Demand
00469 CMGDO 021 (UCCA) Getting to Maybe (United Church of Canada) On Demand On Demand
00632 FEWOS 011 (GRSAF) Group Dynamics Through a Feminist Lens (Girls Action Foundation) On Demand On Demand
00092 CMGDO 006 (CHN) How to Deal with Difficult People with Peter Steinke (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00055 PEARS 001 (CHN) How to Forgive with Virginia Holeman (ChurchNext) Self-paced course
00466 RELAS 013 (UCCA) Intercultural Ministries (United Church of Canada) On Demand On Demand
00593 ADMIN 053 (UUA) Introduction to Adaptive Leadership (Unitarian Universalist Association) On Demand On Demand
00173 CMGDO 010 (UUA) Introduction to Generational Theory (Unitarian Universalist Association) On-Demand On-Demand