SSOL Ministries

Churches and faith organizations are rich with various vocations and ministries.  Some are connected to paid, staff positions while others are part of one’s membership, faith development, spiritual identity, or religious journey.   All of them rely on information, education, formation, and new learnings.  These SSOL Ministries pages were developed to help people to locate the materials and learnings they seek for their own unique ministerial positions and callings.

Associate Pastor
Board Chairperson, Board President, Consistory President
Children’s Leader, Children’s Pastor
Choir Director
Christian Counselor, Licensed Counselor, Religious Counselor
Christian Education Pastor, Religious Education Director, Director of Faith Formations
Christian Educator, Religious Educator or Church Teacher
Church Elders
Church Office Manager
Church Trustee
Communications Coordinator, Communications Director, Minister of Communications
Deacon or Deaconess
Evangelism (Outreach) Minister or Director of Evangelism (Outreach)
Executive Pastor, Executive Director, or Chief Operating Officer
Financial Secretary, Booker, Treasurer
Human Resources Director, Human Resources Coordinator
Interim Pastor
Minister of Music or Music Director
Minister of Worship, Worship Director, Worship Coordinator
Missionary, Evangelist, Christian Activist
Missions Pastor, Director of Missions, Community Minister
Parish Worker, Pastoral Minister or Pastor of Visitation
Pastor of Administration, Church Administrator, Parish Administrator
Pastoral Care Minister
Seminarian Pastor or Ministry Intern
Senior Pastor, Solo Pastor, or Clergy
Spiritual Director
Stewardship Minister or Development Director
Volunteer Ministry Minister or Volunteer Ministry Director
Worship Arts Director, Creative Arts Specialist
Young Adults Pastor, Young Adults Leader
Youth Pastor, Youth Leader