Conflict: How to Turn the Inevitable into an Opportunity (Center for Progressive Renewal)

Source: Center for Progressive Renewal

Though, contrary to popular belief, conflict is not bad. Rather it is essential and even holds a tremendous opportunity for personal and congregational growth when handled well. This on-demand course will walk you through how to handle conflict in healthy, balanced ways that open doors for community transformation.


Learning Themes:

  • Busting the Myth: Conflict as Healthy
  • Finding the Roots Of Conflict
  • Keys To Healthy Conflict
  • Skills for Using and Teaching Healthy Communication
  • Non Violence As An Approach To Conflict
  • Dealing With Challenging People
  • Navigating Decisions And Differences
  • Healthy Lay-Pastor Relationships
  • Self Care During Conflict
  • Best Practices for Building Healthy Processes For Your Congregation’s Future


Course Text

Readings and media will be posted on the course classroom website.

Course Format

This course is designed as an on demand course so you can access it immediately then move through the material at the pace and time that works best for you.

Optional Upgrade for Coaching Session

There are two optional levels (20 minutes or 60 minutes) of coaching for those who desire individualized attention in dealing with the conflict in their setting. A coach will work with you to understand the root of the conflict and strategies for addressing it within your context.

Curriculum Curator and Coach

The Rev. Dr Claire Bamberg has served UCC and UUA churches as a redevelopment, transitional, interim and settled minister in several states. Claire is also a licensed mental health practitioner and certified mediator, and has founded and run two pastoral counseling centers. She currently serves in her ninth year as settled minister in Plainville, Connecticut. An expert in human development and systems theory, she is passionate about empowering individuals and systems to discover and claim their best “selves.” She brings that passion to bear in her role with CPR as the Director of Coaching. Claire holds her M.Div from Harvard Divinity School and her Doctorate in Ministry from CTS (IN).

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