Adobe Connect Training


The Office of Formation and Leadership Development utilizes Adobe Connect for online offerings. Please review the following materials to help increase your learnings and to help create a positive experience for everyone attending our online courses or live webinars.

Adobe Connect for All

Adobe Connect involves multiple people joining through multiple networks.  It’s not uncommon to join one event with no connection issues and then experience some type of connection issue during another event.   Your own equipment can be experiencing issues, your computer may be running a program in the background causing an issue, the networks you’re using (your home or through you internet provider) can be experiencing a peak in traffic, and all these same issues could be happening with anyone joining the online event.

We strongly recommended you test your connection before attending EVERY online course, online webinar, or other live online event we do through Adobe Connect.   The test only takes 1 or 2 minute and  could inform you of some possible connection issues before you log in. 

Run the Adobe Connect Test at


Adobe Connect for Participants

Adobe Connect for Participants from Metropolitan Community Churches on Vimeo.