Are you seeking to connect with individuals that value theological education, spiritual learning, and/or faith-based formation?

Do you recognize and appreciate the relationships that exist between religion and faith, digital technologies, and educational events that occur online and offline?

Are you seeking to create an advertising campaign that connects you with individuals who are interested in theological, spiritual, religious or faith-based products and services? 


If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the questions above, Sacred Space Online Learning is the perfect advertising channel for you!

Sacred Space Online Learning, or SSOL (pronounced “soul”), is a website dedicated to providing a wide range of spiritual, religious, theological, and faith-based resources in the form of online classes, live webinars, on-demand webinars, and more!

SSOL acts as a library of resources and it is created from a variety of sources.  The SSOL catalog already includes hundreds of offerings, with new offerings being added regularly.  SSOL contains over two dozen “Categories of Learning” and they demonstrate the wide range of topics, information, or perspectives that people wish to explore.

Since our launch last year, SSOL has been visited over twelve thousand times and our visitors have interacted with almost 40,000 pages!!  SSOL – which is owned and operated by Metropolitan Community Churches – was purposefully created to be a welcoming resource for all people!  Our visitors come from a wide variety of denominations or faith-based communities, and they hold various religious, spiritual, or faith-based perspectives.  Visitors of SSOL include:

  • Individuals seeking spiritual formation, new learnings, or educational advancement
  • Individuals seeking continuing education units or theological degrees
  • Individuals seeking to answer a ministerial call
  • Individuals seeking a sense of religious (or spiritual) community and connections
  • Individuals who are curious about theology, spirituality or religions
  • Individuals who represent various types of ministries including clergy, chaplains, lay leaders, church officials, seminarians, and church members


We’re offering you an opportunity to connect with this unique group of people who are passionate about the pursuit of theological education, spiritual learnings, and faith-based formational events. 


Below you’ll find our SSOL Media Kit (the kit is also available HERE).  We invite you to take the next steps by reviewing both the SSOL website ( and our media kitThe SSOL Media Kit will provide you with more details about Sacred Space Online Learning, our vision, and our SSOL audience.  It will also provide you with information about advertising opportunities that can help you to promote your organization and/or the products or services you wish to present to this distinctive target group of people who visit SSOL every day!

After reviewing our media kit, we encourage you to email Rev. Romberger at and request a phone call.  This call will explore your organization, your unique products or services, your advertising goals, budget matters, and the SSOL advertising opportunities that are available to you!

In closing, we thank you for time and for your consideration.  We look forward to helping you to find new and better ways to promote your valuable, stimulating, and inspirational products, services, and/or ministries!