A Hidden Wholeness: Living an Undivided Life as a Spiritual Leader (Metropolitan Community Churches)


Participants will learn the ways in which the journey from childhood to adulthood often results in leading a life that is disconnected from our true self or soul. The path to living an undivided life as a leader will be explored through questions and journal exercises which invite participants to consider taking up spiritual practices and creating a circles of trust that will allow them to connect more deeply to soul in their roles as leaders.


When you register for the pre-recorded webinars or events, you will be sent a link and password to view the video. This information is intended only for the person registering to view these events and should not be shared. In order to receive CEU credit for these webinars, we must have a record of your registration. Unless otherwise noted, each webinar will count for 1 CEU unit and fees may be involved.

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