Black History (University of California)

Full List of Lectures:  iTunes is required.

  • Suspect Race: Causes and Consequences of Racial Profiling with Jack Glaser and Paul Figueroa — In the Living Room with Henry
  • Free Angela and All Political Prisoners
  • Black Nature: The First Anthology of Nature Writing by African-American Poets
  • Bunche Center 40th Anniversary Retrospective: Adjustment and Revisions: 1986 – Present
  • Bunche Center 40th Anniversary Retrospective: Emergence and Institutionalization: 1969 – 1985
  • Civil Rights: The Music and the Movement
  • Laura Pulido: Black Brown Yellow and Left
  • Lunch Poems: Amiri Baraka
  • Lytle Memorial Concert: Miles Ahead
  • Reconsidering Little Rock: Julian Bond
  • Reconsidering Little Rock: Terrence Roberts
  • Osher UCSD: Tuskegee Airmen
  • Angela Davis: How Does Change Happen?
  • The Old World in the New: Performing Diaspora
  • 3rd Annual Nakupenda Valentine’s Concert: Eclectic Musings
  • Cosmopolitanism – Ethics in a World of Strangers with Kwame Anthony Appiah
  • Angela Davis
  • Improving Race Relations: An Interview with John Perkins
  • The Haunting of Jim Crow
  • Symposium on Cedric J. Robinson’s Radical Thought: Cedric Robinson’s Keynote Address
  • Exodus, Black Colonization, and Promised Lands with David Davis
  • City Club Presents Anthony Lewis 2004
  • Rekindling the Spirit of Brown v. Board of Education
  • Legacy of Slavery…Unequal Exchange Conference: Trouble in Mind: African Americans From Emancipation to the 1990’s
  • Peter Irons: “Jim Crow’s Children: Broken Promise of Brown Decision”
  • Legacy of Slavery…Unequal Exchange Conference: Rapporteur Charles H. Long: Reflections on the Legacy of Slavery and Implications for the 21st Century
  • Legacy of Slavery…Unequal Exchange Conference: Panel 5: Racism and Discrimination After Emancipation
  • Legacy of Slavery…Unequal Exchange Conference: Panel 4: Life and Labor Among Enslaved Women
  • Lunch Poems: Cornelius Eady
  • Creativity, Black Feminist Roots, and Human Revolution
  • A Celebration of Barbershop (the movie): A Panel Discussion and Town Meeting
  • Julianne Malveaux UCSD Black History Month February 2003
  • More Than Black? Multiracial Identity and the New Racial Order
  • Lester Leaps In: The Life and Times of Lester “Pres” Young
  • Helen Edison Lecture: Yusef Komunyakaa
  • Elaine Brown: New Age Racism
  • Edward Ball: Slaves in the Family
  • Root Doctors: Quincy Troupe and Phil Upchurch

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