Holy Communion 101 with James Hamilton (ChurchNext)

Holy Communion is the Christian “Thanksgiving.” It is this act of thanksgiving that Jesus commanded us to perform, in remembrance of God’s gift of salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection. It is the “family meal” shared by Christians, an act of communion– of sharing as a community– and an act of faith.  If you are a member of a liturgical Protestant church, chances are you celebrate Holy Communion regularly, and yet you may be unfamiliar with the rich layers of tradition and meaning in this sacrament.

ChurchNext Holy Communion 101

Source: ChurchNext

In this course the Reverend James Hamilton, Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan, walks us through each prayer, act, chant, and moment of Holy Communion, explaining their history and significance in fascinating detail.  You will learn why we do what we do, and this knowledge will deepen, enrich, and renew your worship experience.

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