Introduction to Church History with Eric Williams (ChurchNext)

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Whether or not we believe the old adage, ‘if we fail to pay attention to history we are doomed to repeat it,’ few people would argue with the importance of striving to improve our understanding of the things that have gone before us as a way to better shape the lives that are ahead of us. This is especially true with our Christian faith.

For 2,000 years Christians of all walks have been approaching life’s most important questions within their specific contexts and have come up with fascinating responses.

Our study of Church History will tap into the highs and lows, and important milestones from Jesus’ day to this day, as a way to help us deepen our understanding of God’s work through Christ and in our lives.

Our instructor is Eric Williams, a former teacher and pastor, who has a deep love for Christian history. In this class Eric will unpack this topic by giving an overview of these four time periods:

  • Early Christianity until Constantine
  • The Middle Ages
  • The Reformation
  • Modern Christianity

This entry-level course is perfect for every member of your congregation who is looking to deepen their faith in Christ.

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