Living the Dream, Baby! (United Church of Canada)

After participating in the United Church’s 2013 Greenbelt Pilgrimage to the Greenbelt Festival in England, a group of ten under-40 ministers from the southern Ontario area gathered to talk about how to keep the dream alive… in their ministries and in their lives. What resulted was a weekend-long event over the Labour Day weekend of 2014 for youngish ministers and their families. The gathering was life-giving, it was creative, it was relaxed, and it was filled with play.

Betsy Exley and Michael Shewburg were two members of the event’s planning team. During this webinar, they will talk about how the idea for Living the Dream was inspired, the model that it created for similar events, what they learned, what they loved, how they’ve been energized through this gathering,  and a bit about what’s next.

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