Photography as a Spiritual Path (Spirituality and Practice)

Source: Spirituality and Practice

In addition to being a photographer, Jan Phillips is an award-winning author, visionary thought leader, dynamic workshop facilitator, and Executive Director of The Livingkindness Foundation. She is profiled in S&P’s Living Spiritual Teachers Project. She ignites original thinking and inspires action through images, music, poetry, and storytelling to evoke deep, non-dualistic creative expression.

In this exclusive e-course on contemplative photography developed for Spirituality & Practice, Jan invites you to join her in making photography a spiritual path. Although photographers will no doubt incline toward this e-course, you do not actually have to take pictures to participate; just an appreciation of the image as a vehicle for revelation is enough. Through the process of looking for and taking pictures, you will learn to open up more, take some risks, become more mindful, and be more observant about the thoughts behind your actions.

The themes of her sessions will include:

  • Exploring the impact of our images
  • Opening to the healing power of photography
  • Retraining our eyes to see the divinity in our midst
  • Seeing through another person’s eyes
  • Creating images that both save ourselves and help consecrate the world
  • Discovering new ways to add light to the world

You will receive:

  • 12 emails in which Jan will help you explore how photography can be part of both your contemplative practice and your activist activities
  • Enlivening exercises to sharpen your seeing and help you understand the power of commitment in shaping your reality
  • Access to collections of Jan’s own photographs that illustrate the projects she suggests for you

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