Practicing Spirituality with Children (Spirituality & Practice)

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We all have been given a mission to be spiritual companions to our children, grandchildren, and young friends. There are many blessings to be shared across the generations. We also can do more to respect and cherish children’s spirituality. How do they express it? Through creativity, mystical experiences, questions, goodness, free spirit, and much more.

“Practicing Spirituality with Children” is a 40-part course delivered by email. Each email includes a short passage we’ve found in a book about children’s spirituality, or spiritual parenting, or a children’s book with a spiritual message. We’ve mixed it up and included a few passages just for your inner child. Following the quote is a practice suggestion, something you can do with children or in honor of those you’ve known, including yourself.

During this unique e-course, we explore the seeds of the sacred in a child’s everyday life; the rewards of play, humor, and joy; the pleasures of finding meaning; and the surprising rewards of attention and wonder. Being a supportive spiritual companion to a child entails setting aside our agendas; being empathetic listeners; modeling love, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness; trying not to be too controlling or protective; and being open to the mysterious movements of the Divine. And, too, we must be willing to let children be our spiritual teachers. As the late Gerald May put it, “We must trust that God’s activity in these small lives is not dependent on our interventions. God indeed has been present with these little ones all along, and with just a little encouragement, the children will gladly share that presence with us.”

(6 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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