Principles of Compensation Planning for Clergy (Clergy Financial Resources)

Webinar - Principles of Compensation Planning for Clergy

Source: Clergy Financial Resources

This webinar is an audio and Internet training webinar on selected topics that features an in-depth discussion designed specifically to meet the tax and financial needs of today’s churches and clergy

The webinar is designed for church staff and clergy who are interested in recognizing new ways to minimize their own tax liability, in addition to, gaining a better understanding of the current tax laws that affect churches and clergy today.

The webinar will be led by a clergy tax professional and will last between 45 to 60 minutes based on the level of discussion during the session and will cover the following topics:

• How to build your salary package
• Auto Expenses
• Housing/Manse/Parsonage
• Professional Expenses
• Allowance vs. Reimbursement
• Ways to reduce your overall tax liability

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