Rites of Passage & 21st Century Community (United Church of Canada)

Historically, intentional rites of passage marking the life stage transition from adolescence to adulthood were intrinsic to human culture. In the current 21st century life they are virtually and conspicuously absent. Presented by David Hatfield, this webinar will highlight the hallmark features that compose a grounded, intentional rite of passage process. It will also explore how youth are initiating themselves into adulthood in the absence of intention, community-based rites of passage. Ultimately, the webinar will look at examples of contemporary rites of passage programming and how caring adults and organizations can make an offering of effective and compelling rites of passage experiences to adolescents and young adults.

Questions the webinar will explore include: What information and skills do youth need to navigate 21st century adulthood? What balance needs to be made in rites of passage work between the wisdom of traditional and indigenous practices, and the use of innovative and contemporary practices? How can people develop and define their own eldership – who is an elder, and who defines eldership? What is the story we are inviting young people into, and is it compelling enough to engage their passions and gifts?

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