Roll Down Justice! Lent Series (Worship Design Studio)

This “Roll Down Justice” series contains fully-developed liturgies complete with prayers, litanies, communion liturgy, familiar hymns and song suggestions (with alternatives for various styles of worship), original music, leader transitions completely written out, and ideas for visual and media elements. All you do is adapt for your context!

If you are not already a fan of Mark A. Miller’s powerful music, you will be after this series!
A long-time Worship Design Studio Guest Expert and well-known-and-loved composer, Miller’s extraordinary new resource, “Roll Down Justice: Sacred Songs and Social Justice” is featured in this series. Each Sunday has a feature song that illuminates the scripture and theme and can be done as a congregational song or choral anthem.

Your access to these materials means that with the click of a button, you will have: Ash Wednesday, 6 Sundays of Lent, a special Holy Week pilgrimage experience, and Easter COMPLETELY scripted!

Roll Down Justice Lent Series

Source: Worship Design Studio

Lent was originally a time of preparation for baptism. We reclaim the waters of baptism as our call to love ourselves as children of God, understand God’s love for all people and then “go and do likewise” as we love the world and its peoples–resisting evil and alleviating suffering in all its forms. To connect Lent with our call as disciples to acts of justice–making a better world–we see the development of our inner spiritual journeys as essential to our work. And there is no more important time than now for offering more love in this divided world.

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