Sacred Presence with the Dying (Spirituality and Practice)

Megory Anderson, Sacred Dying Foundation

Source: Spirituality and Practice

Megory Anderson, PhD, is a theologian and teacher, who has vigiled with over 300 people as they lay dying. Her use of ritual, of creating sacred moments, of calming fear and hurts, has brought comfort and peace to both the dying and their loved ones. She is the Executive Director of the Sacred Dying Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco, and the author of Sacred Dying and Attending the Dying, both of which deal with pastoral and ritual care of the dying. She is known internationally for her expertise in the End-of-Life arena.

In this new e-course, she will help guide you through what is for many is unfamiliar territory — the death of a loved one. The focus is entirely on how to create a peaceful and sacred environment for the person dying. These twelve sessions are designed for family members, loved ones, and end-of-life practitioners, and will cover:

  • Listening to the dying and what they want and need
  • Tools to use in the vigil space — music, candles, touchstones
  • How to create a calming presence
  • Prayers and meditations for letting go

Uniquely, this course will help enable you to focus on the needs and wants of the “other,” bringing your own gifts of sacred presence to the experience.

You will receive:

  • Emails containing stories, spiritual readings, and suggested tools for each lesson.These can be scheduled at the pace you choose.
  • Special suggestions for your own practices, journal reflections, and vigil arrangements.

This e-course is both practical (removing clutter from the deathbed room) and reflective (how to sit quietly for several hours). It gives insights and advice for the one vigiling, yet with the focus always being on creating a sacred dying.

Many are watching parents and loved ones become ill, age, and die. Now is the time to learn the art of accompanying them in vigil as they take their journey into the next life. This is also a wonderful opportunity to learn and share with those who have already been present at a death. It’s in learning together that you can offer your best for those in your care. (4 CEHs for chaplains available.)

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