Seven Strategies for Successful Stewardship (Metropolitan Community Churches)


During this FREE webinar, you will:
* Gain insights on how you can help to create a culture of generosity in your congregation.
* Learn how to develop a highly effective annual stewardship program for your church.
* Discover a wealth of resources to support your stewardship efforts throughout the year.
* Connect with other church leaders with perspectives on the ministry of stewardship.
This webinar is designed for Pastors, Board members, and Stewardship Teams.

About Our Webinar Facilitator
Rev. Elder Don Eastman has long been one of MCC’s leading advocates of healthy church growth and excellence in ministry. From his many years as a successful pastor, non-profit organization executive, and MCC denominational leader, he brings a wide range of experience and expertise. As an Elder, Rev. Eastman served as both the Treasurer and Vice Moderator of the MCC denomination.

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