The Dazzling Tonic of Silence (Presbyterian Outlook)

This on-demand webinar is helpful to anyone who feels busy, overwhelmed or burdened. If you are feeling like you want more time and spaciousness, this is the webinar for you. Silence is, indeed, the most straightforward route to insight. We know insight to mean deep understanding, perception and acumen. But dig deeper and you discover that the word comes from the archaic Scottish insicht: furniture or household goods. It was legal terminology found in documents and records in Scotland’s archives. That’s amazing!

This on-demand webinar can help you recover the dazzling and amazing power of silence, and give cleaner access to your God-given insight.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Be given practical steps to take in order to invite more spaciousness into stressful situations or interactions.
  • Understand that the power of silence will actually “buy” you more time and an increased ability to achieve your goals, even when you feel barraged by too much media and too many obligations.
  • Recognize the ways you may have avoided silence and acknowledge the cultural distaste for silence.
  • Come away having learned and felt the necessity for silence in your life.

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About the instructor:  Charlotte Matthews is associate professor in The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Program at The University of Virginia. She is author of three books of poetry including “Whistle What Can’t Be Said,” and is launching Whistle Words, which offers writing workshops in hospitals and churches to women impacted by cancer. She lives in Charlottesville with her husband Albert Connette (who is the pastor of Olivet Presbyterian Church), her two teenage children and a big galumphy black Labrador.

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