The Gospel According to Sherlock Holmes



Holy Clues: The Gospel According to Sherlock Holmes
If God is the greatest mystery of them all, then why not, in pursuit of God, consult the greatest detective of them all? In this imaginative and surprisingly profound book, Stephen Kendrick reveals Sherlock Holmes as spiritual guide.

Drawing on the teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism–as well as a host of thinkers as varied as Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and Vincent van Gogh–Kendrick explores the stories of Sherlock Holmes and finds remarkably prescient religious insights. He shows us the link between careful observation of clues and the Buddhist concept of “Bare Attention.” He illuminates the parallel between the great sleuth’s pursuit of justice and God’s actions on the scene of the first murder, when Cain slew Abel. And in the detective’s open, engaged mind, Kendrick finds a model for uniting the principles of science with a sincere spiritual quest. The result is a book of inspiration for the modern, skeptical searcher–and an entertaining work that sheds new light on the methods of the world’s greatest detective.

A Sherlock Holmes Devotional: Uncovering the Mysteries of God
After a century, Sherlock Holmes mysteries still fascinate us—and this devotional will delight you with spiritual truths drawn from the pages of the classic detective stories. A Sherlock Holmes Devotional contains 60 entries drawn from the characters, stories, and events of the Holmes canon. From 221b Baker Street to Reichenbach Falls, from Irene Adler to the evil Dr. Moriarty, from the pipe to the violin, this book investigates the spiritual truths we can discern from this enigmatic fictional character—a brusque, stubborn, and arrogant man who also shows honor, trust, and self-sacrificing friendship. It’s a fascinating read for fans of the series—or those yet to meet the great detective!

The Transcendent Holmes
In a series of sparkling and intelligently presented essays, Dr. Montgomery takes a fresh look at the world “where it is always eighteen ninety-five” — the world of Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes. Besides examining long debated problems, such as the true location of 221B, which was Holmes’s University, how many times Watson was married, and where Watson was wounded, Dr. Montgomery also considers Holmes’s activities in Tibet, his writings, his brother Mycroft, and his liking for fine wines. In a stunning climax to the volume, the reader is presented with a discussion between Holmes and Watson which will almost certainly cause him/her to pause, think, and deeply consider the depth of the message conveyed. Dr. Montgomery is a Sherlockian of long-standing. These essays prove that his time devoted to his subject has been very well spent indeed.

The Sherlock Holmes Tarot: Wisdom from the First Consulting Detective
Love troubles? Job difficulties? Health problems? If you’re seeking answers, who better to find them than history’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes? His keen powers of perception and extraordinary exploits have inspired this dazzling new divination deck, which draws its imagery from Victorian London’s shadowy buildings and fog-bound streets. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories figure throughout, and original characters make up the Major Arcana.

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