The Gospel According to the Sopranos



The Gospel According to Tony Soprano: An Unauthorized Look Into the Soul of TV’s Top Mob Boss and His Family
The Sopranos has captured audiences and awards with its portrayal of life in an Italian-American crime family. But it is more than just a mob show. It provokes us, excites us, and pries back the exterior to peek into the darkest parts of our souls. The plotlines and characters raise spiritual issues that leave us questioning our own beliefs. The Gospel According to Tony Soprano explores the many reasons why this hit series has connected so deeply with American culture and exposes the mysteries of faith, family, life, and God that permeate the show.

Published to coincide with the debut of the highly anticipated fourth season of the HBO series, The Gospel According to Tony Soprano is a fascinating book that looks through the violence and drama to the deeper moral issues. Spiritual teacher and writer Chris Seay analyzes the characters and their all-too-human behaviors, and helps us evaluate our own humanity, and ultimately our relationship with God.

Accessible, witty, and enlightening, The Gospel According to Tony Soprano is essential reading for every fan of the television show, and for anyone who wants to examine the larger questions of right and wrong.

The Sopranos and Philosophy: I Kill Therefore I Am
This collection of essays by philosophers who are also fans does a deep probe of the Sopranos, analyzing the adventures and personalities of Tony, Carmella, Livia, and the rest of television’s most irresistible mafia family for their metaphysical, epistemological, value theory, eastern philosophical, and contemporary postmodern possibilities. No prior philosophical qualificationsor mob connections are required to enjoy these musings, which are presented with the same vibrancy and wit that have made the show such a hit.

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