The Indispensable Church (United Church of Canada)

The church seems an unlikely place for this endeavour. Isn’t church the stronghold of all that is old and out of date? On the contrary, church is precisely the institution needed for these unprecedented times.

The changes we face demand new modes of seeing, thinking and caring.  In other words, these changes require our consciousness to evolve. The church is the indispensable institution for this task. For the church has truly unique resources. Besides our efforts to shape morality and foster social justice, the church “owns” our culture’s great meaning-making Story; society invites us to change people to the depth of their souls; we have time; and we have trusting, engaged communities that provide the ideal setting for evolving consciousness.

The question is, how can we make use of these precious resources?  We need a map.  In this webinar, Tom will present an overview of the integral map and how it can be used to off our indispensable gifts.

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