Transfaith for Allies: An Introduction (Transfaith Institute)

This Free, On-Demand, Self-Guided online course looks at skills and concepts to help well-meaning allies begin to find their place in transgender communities. This course is a starting place and an invitation to join a journey. It is NOT designed to answer all of your questions about transgender people. But after completing the course, you can expect to feel more confident and grounded about engaging transgender communities.

The course is designed around 4 themes:

The Importance of You
The Importance of Relationship
The Importance of Humility
The Importance of NEXT STEPS

Topics introduced include:

Exploring your sphere of influence
Expressing love and acceptance
The difference between Friends/Allies/Accomplices
How you can help prevent suicide
Disclosure (or why do you need to know?)
When things go wrong
Beyond transgender visibility


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