Are you looking for new ways to connect to individuals who are seeking to become part of a community of faith?

Are you considering other online venues that will allow you to share information about your church?

Are you looking for a great opportunity to promote your MCC church, your special events, and/or your ministries?


Last year, the Office of Formation of Leadership Development, launched an exciting, new website to help anyone who is seeking to engage with Christian, religious, spiritual, or faith-based resources online.

This website, Sacred Space Online Learning (SSOL), provides spiritual, religious, theological, and faith-based resources in the form of online classes, live webinars, on-demand webinars – and it has been a HUGE SUCCESS!

  • To date, SSOL contains over 550 online courses, webinars, and on-demand webinars!
  • It has been visited over 12,000 times!
  • It has been viewed by over 8,600 users!
  • Over 36,000 pages on SSOL have been visited and explored!
  • SSOL includes online offerings from a wide variety of sources, denominations, and organizations!
  • SSOL provides a wide range of educational/formational information to members and leaders of various faith-based groups. It ALSO INCLUDES people who are “seeking” information about faith, religions, denominations, and/or churches!

SSOL has recently launched a new campaign that allows some of our partners to promote their own ministries, products, or services through the utilization of online advertisements.  These organizations include our partner seminaries and various faith-based organizations that share our values, goals, and dreams.

We’re equally pleased to be able to offer you special, low-cost, online advertising opportunities that have been exclusively developed for our own local MCC churches!

SSOL is visited by people and organizations across the globe!  It is visited most frequently by people residing in the United States and has been shown to especially attract visitors from Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia.  We know some of these visitors are already members of MCC.  As important, we also know many of our visitors are not affiliated with MCC, they may know very little about us, and/or they are looking for a NEW HOME CHURCH!

SSOL is a wonderful way to connect with people in your state who are seeking to learn more about MCC, interested in visiting your church, and/or seeking to become a member of your church!


ssol-top-ten-states-02The Top Ten States Visiting SSOL

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Texas
  5. Virginia
  6. North Carolina
  7. Maryland
  8. New York
  9. Illinois
  10. District of Columbia


ssol-top-ten-states-new-visitorsThe Top Ten States Attracting New Visitors to SSOL

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. Virginia
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. New York
  7. Illinois
  8. North Carolina
  9. Maryland
  10. Massachusetts



This Sounds Great!  How Can We Advertise on SSOL?

Any local church that has received this email is illegible and can easily advertise on SSOL.  Simply contact Rev. Duane Romberger (SSOL Coordinator) at and express your interest.  IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re offering special, low-cost pricing for a limited time and we also have limited ad space available.  Please don’t delay if you – or your community of faith – is interested in this opportunity.


What Makes a Good Online Ad?

A number of factors lead to the creation of an effective online ad.  Some of the most important factors are enticing language; clear messaging and details, professional design; and elements that are designed to encourage people to click on your ad.  If you need help in this area, we’re here for you!  General ads that advertise your church’s name, location, mission or vision, website, and/or social media profiles can be quite effective!  We especially encourage you, however, to consider ads that specifically highlight an important ministry in your church, or one important event that is being held by your community of faith!


What Will Our Ads Look Like? How Often Will They Be Viewed?

Your ad will be a “Pop-Under Ad” which is sized at 700 x 300 dpi.  It will be displayed on the vast majority of inside pages found on SSOL (that’s around 1,000 pages!)   Your ad will be part of a “rotator” that is shared with other MCC-related ads.  This rotating ad space may include up to four (but no more than four) MCC ads.  Depending on the number of months you chose to purchase, your ad will be seen by HUNDREDS – up to THOUSANDS – of our visitors!




How Much Do SSOL Ads Cost?

We are proud of our work and ministries with SSOL, and we realize that advertising revenue is one way we can ensure SSOL can not only be maintained, but grow to become an increasingly important resource for you – and the tens of thousands of people who visit us!   It is equally important for us to continue to support our local churches – and all of the amazing ministries we know you do every week!  For this reason, we’re offering extremely reduced rates for ad space on SSOL to local MCC churches!  You can place your ad on SSOL for as little as $75 a month!  Should you decide to purchase (3) months worth of ads, we’ll give you an additional discount and you’ll only pay $200.  To obtain these great rates, you’ll simply need to make purchase and payment by February 28, 2017.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  While your order must be placed by 2/28/2017, your chosen ads can be displayed on SSOL anytime between December 2016 and June 2017.  As you consider our offer, be sure you’re thinking about current events and ministries, but also be sure you’re considering all campaigns and events you have planned for the first half of 2017!



Who Creates Our Ad?

The creation of online ads are typically the responsibility of the client (you) and not the advertiser (SSOL).  We realize that many of our churches, however, may not have the necessary resources or knowledge to create their own online ads.  In order to provide you with assistance and flexibility, we’ve created three options that are included as an additional part of this special offer:

  • DO IT YOUR WAY! Create your ad(s) following the specifications and instructions we’ll provide you.  No additional cost is involved in this option.  This is good option for churches who have access to graphic designers and/or have a limited budget.
  • EMPOWER US! Have a call with our SSOL Coordinator, tell us how you envision your ad, and obtain some guidance from an individual with years of online marketing experience (this call can be up to 30 minutes long).  Following this call you’ll empower our graphic designer to create the ad on your behalf and you’ll be charged an additional $80.00 fee for these graphic design services.  This option allows you to provide us with your suggestive guidance during the initial call.  You will not have the option to provide directions, further suggestions, or further feedback in this option.  Final decisions about your ad will be determined by the SSOL Coordinator and/or graphic designer.  This is a good option for churches who do not have access to graphic designers and/or churches with an average budget.
  • WORK WITH US! This option also includes a consultation/planning call with our SSOL Coordinator (up to 30 minutes long) and the use of our graphic designer.   In addition, this option allows you opportunities to provide feedback regarding draft(s) of your ad, as well as additional instructions to the designer.  In this option, you will be charged $40 per hour.  The time charged to you will include all forms of contacts with the SSOL Coordinator as well as the time needed for the graphic designer to create your drafts, obtain and consider your feedback, and to make all of your requested changes.  Please note you’ll have a maximum of (7) hours of their time available to you – or up to $280 in ad creation costs – if you choose this option.   This is a good option for churches that do not have access to graphic designers, prefer to use graphic designers already familiar with SSOL, and/or churches that have a generous budget.



We’re Interested!  What’s Our Next Step?

Your next step is simple!  Email Rev. Duane Romberger (SSOL Coordinator) at and tell us you’re interested in purchasing an ad for your MCC church.  REMEMBER!  This offer is part of a special, low-cost price and it is available to you for a limited time.  There are also limited ad spaces that are currently available on SSOL.  Be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity to promote your church by contacting us promptly!