Outing the Church (Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson)


This book explores the important work of the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) to minister to lesbians, gays, trans people, prostitutes (both male and female), prisoners, HIV/AIDS patients, and more, told primarily from the point of view of the denomination’s Moderator, Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson.

Wilson’s message shines with wit, insight, irony, righteous indignation, and empathy. Her stories will inspire you, break your heart, and fill you with hope.

Outing the Church tells the story the MCC’s efforts over more than 40 years to gain recognition and acceptance from other denominations. In conferences, meeting rooms, and occasional gay and lesbian bars, MCC leaders, including Wilson, fought a series of battles for respect from other denominations that called themselves “progressive.”

This book is a companion to “Outing the Bible”, also by Rev. Wilson.

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