New Online Courses/Webinars Added (Sept 30, 2015)

We’ve added new online course and online webinars to our SSOL Catalog!   Check out these great offerings and click on any title to learn more!

Advent Reflection Series (Metropolitan Community Churches)
Ancient Israel by Daniel Fleming (New York University)
Basics for Christian Educators (United Church of Christ)
Biblical Interpretation: An Ancient Text for Today’s World (Pacific School of Religion)
Cancer Care Ministry: Compassion and Companionship (United Church of Christ)
Human Rights: The Right to Freedom of Expression (Amnesty International)
Human Sexuality: Histories, Theologies and Politics of the Flesh (Pacific School of Religion)
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Welcome to the SSOL Blog!

Welcome to the official blog for Sacred Space Online Learning (SSOL).  This is the place where we’ll highlight some of the best online classes, live webinars, on-demand webinars, book studies, online retreats, and SSOL-POP offerings that exist on SSOL!  It will also be the area where we’ll communicate important information about the SSOL website.

As important, the SSOL Blog is a place where we’ll be highlighting various educational events, ideas, and resources (online or offline).  Future blog posts will include information about educational resources available in print, book reviews, movie reviews, information about workshops and seminars, and much, much more!