WATERtalks with Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson


is a global network, an educational and spiritual space, a center for dialogue on feminism, faith, and justice and WATERtalks: The Feminist Conversations in Religion Series is a monthly meeting of minds, free and open to the public. For over five years, WATER has facilitated the sharing of great ideas, and enjoyed witnessing leading scholars and ministers as they share their research and experiences. These meetings have included a wide cross-section of people from many different traditions and backgrounds. Each month, people call in from across the globe to join the dialogue: to learn something new, to be encouraged, and to keep up on the latest publications and happenings in the world of feminism and religion. WATER is proud to offer these valuable and exciting opportunities on a regular basis.

Typically hosted by Mary E. Hunt, the format includes a 20-25 minute presentation by a featured guest, followed by a Q&A session. Recordings and transcripts of the conversations are available and WATER invites you to use them as educational resources.

“The Things That Shaped Me: A Queer, Christian, Feminist Faith Activist!”

An hour-long teleconference with
Reverend Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson

June 3, 2015


WATER was delighted to host Reverend Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson for our June 3, 2015 WATERtalk and a discussion on the many influences of Reverend Wilson’s work in ministry, theology and activism, as well as current issues of gender, sexuality, and race, and work toward models of inclusion.


A recording of the hour with Rev. Nancy Wilson can be found at WATER’s SoundcloudNotes from our conversation with Rev. Nancy Wilson on the WATER website


Interested in learning more? Buy one of Reverend Wilson’s latest books, Outing the Church: 40 Years in the Queer Christian Movement at Amazon.com

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