Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
00115 SPRTY 011 (SPAP) The Blessings of Aging (Spirituality & Practice) On-Demand On-Demand
00344 ADOAD 001 (SPAP) Becoming a Wise Elder (Spirituality and Practice) On-Demand On-Demand
00345 CCGSC 012 (SPAP) Sacred Presence with the Dying (Spirituality and Practice) On-Demand On-Demand
00346 ADOAD 002 (UMC) Boomers Ministry Basics (United Methodist Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00382 WOMER 023 (UCCA) Intergenerational Worship (United Church of Canada) On Demand On Demand
00409 WOMER 029 (UMC) The Importance of Preaching for Children (United Methodist Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00426 WOMER 043 (PRC) How to Make Your Worship Service More Engaging for All Ages (Practical Resources for Churches) On-Demand On-Demand
00427 WOMER 044 (PRC) Worship Can Be Meaningful for All the Generations (Practical Resources for Churches) On-Demand On-Demand
00475 WOMER 048 (UCCA) Rites of Passage & 21st Century Community (United Church of Canada) On Demand On Demand
00506 ADOAD 003 (UMC) Seasons: The Liturgical Year Opportunities for Older Adult Ministry (United Methodist Church) On Demand On Demand
00512 THAPH 028 (BETHS) Ministry across Generation (Bethany Theological Seminary) 01/24/2017 - 05/19/2017 Varies
00540 ADOAD 004 (UMC) Leading Adult Spiritual Life Retreats (United Methodist Church) On-Demand On-Demand
00637 NHPIS 001 (AARP) Asian American & Pacific Islander Caregivers (AARP) On Demand On Demand
00646 CCGSC 021 (MCC) Being Present and Effective When Someone Dies (Metropolitan Community Churches) 03/16/2018 4:00 pm EST / 1:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm 8:00 UTC