Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
00468 THAPH 024 (UCCA) Grace in the Trinity (United Church of Canada) On Demand On Demand
00484 CCGSC 014 (MCC) Mentoring Matters for MCC (Metropolitan Community Churches) On Demand On Demand
00519 ADMIN 050 (ITVM) Vocation and Ministry: How you can Flourish (Institute for Vital Ministry) On-Demand On-Demand
00521 CCGSC 015 (INBO) The Five Things A Church Can Do To Prevent Abuse (Insurance Board) On-Demand On-Demand
00530 CCGSC 017 (PRC) Cancer Care Ministry: Compassion and Companionship (Practical Resources for Churches) On-Demand On-Demand
00537 CCGSC 018 (UDEMY) Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Certification (udemy) Self-paced Self-paced
00544 CCGSC 019 (GTCS) Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong (Great Courses) Self-paced Self-paced
00547 CCGSC 020 (GTCS) Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body (Great Courses) Self-paced Self-paced
00569 EDULE 017 (SPLC) Equity Matters: Developing Empathy (Southern Poverty Law Center) On-Demand On-Demand
00583 CCGCS 001 (MCC) Clergy Renewal/Sabbatical Webinar (Metropolitan Community Churches) On-Demand On-Demand
00586 CCGCS 002 (SDI) The Recovery Journey: Resources and Practices for Spiritual Directors (Spiritual Directors International) On Demand On Demand
00597 CCGCS 003 (CEDIN) Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World (Charter for Compassion Education Institute) Self-paced Self-paced
00600 CCGCS 004 (SDI) Men, Grief, and Solitude (Spiritual Directors International) On-Demand On-Demand
00603 SPRTY 045 (CFAAC) Immortal Diamond: A Study in Search of the True Self (Center for Action and Contemplation) Self-paced Self-paced
00615 DIABS 005 (ACPE) Do You Really See Me?: Pastoral Care and Disabled People SERIES (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education) On Demand On Demand
00617 DIABS 007 (AAIDD) Supporting Individuals with Autism in Grief and Loss (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) On Demand On Demand
00618 DIABS 008 (AAIDD) Musical Engagement in Language Impairment, Autism, and Williams Syndrome (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) On Demand On Demand
00634 NHPIS 001 (GRSAF) Developing an Indigenous Policymaking Model to Address First Nations Health and Education Disparities (Girls Action Foundation) On Demand On Demand
00637 NHPIS 001 (AARP) Asian American & Pacific Islander Caregivers (AARP) On Demand On Demand
00638 NAFNI 005 (NIWRC) Indigenous Healing – Mind, Body, Spirit (National Indigenous Women's Resource Center) On Demand On Demand
00639 NHPIS 002 (NIWRC) Namelehuapono: Using Hawaiian Culture as a Pathway to Healing from Domestic and Sexual Violence (NIWRC) On Demand On Demand
00646 CCGSC 021 (MCC) Being Present and Effective When Someone Dies (Metropolitan Community Churches) 03/16/2018 4:00 pm EST / 1:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm 8:00 UTC
00662 CCGSC 022 (MCC) Capellanía en Acompañamiento a Personas Dependientes Químicas (Español) (Metropolitan Community Churches) 10/01/2018 - 12/07/2018
00669 CCGSC 023 (UMC) A Good Death (United Methodist Church) On Demand On Demand
00674 CCGSC 024 (UPPER) Prayer, Stress, and Our Inner Wounds (The Upper Room) Self-paced Self-paced